Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*Owl* love you forever!

This is a graphic that I made up for Valentine's day 2009.

This little diddy (below) is for a special baby. One of my friends is having a baby and her theme for the nursery is owls and birds, etc. I think her colour scheme is going back and forth and they don't know if they're having a boy or a girl so I hope this gender neutral owl makes his home in the new bub's room. I like it and I had a blast making it. I made a pattern so I'll post it when I buy a scanner (soon, I hope). I used some scrapbooking paper that I had and a cheap canvas from a discount store.

all discombobulated in the process.

Different buttons for the eyes makes it a little quirky. I like the texture that the paper gives when cut up in different pieces. That's why I chose to make up the body of different pieces with jagged edges to give the illusion of feathers.

Here's the final product with the little flower coming out of the tree (with a button center). It's taking up temporary residence on my dresser with my matryoshka dolls.

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