Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Great weekend!

Cam and I live right next to the city train, and today is the first day since we moved here that we've taken advantage of it and we took the train to the city. We used our 'buy one entry get the next one free' coupon at the Melbourne Aquarium. They just got some new King and Gentoo penguins in their Antarctic exhibit and boy are they cuuute! We pushed all the little kiddies out of the way to get right up to the glass and see the penguins (must have been baby and grandparent day at the aquarium because there were swarms of them!!); then we went through the whole aquarium and went back to see the penguins before we left. My souvenir for the day was a year membership to the aquarium - I'll be back to see the Antarctic exhibit on a hot day.

We didn't get that many pictures because I forgot to charge the camera batteries before we left. Oops.

what up, got any fish for me? I'll do a little dance

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