Monday, April 20, 2009

Already dreaming about Christmas

The weather here in Melbourne is getting colder and to me, being North American, it feels like Christmas is coming. We've had plenty of roast dinners and mashed potatoes that my body is tricked into feeling like it's the holiday season already. So, I've been dreaming up craft projects for Christmas and I plan to get started on making some Christmas stockings to decor our house. Here are the stockings that I made last Christmas while we were staying at my parents' house.

we chose the fabric that we liked and we chose some buttons that we liked. The stocking above is mine and the stocking below is Cameron's.

Cam actually chose 6 different elephant buttons but he was forced (nicely) into getting only one. After our honeymoon in Indonesia Cam has adopted a love for all things elephant

I put our stocking on our bed in hopes that little "nisse" (Norwegian for elves) would come and in give us some nice treats

And to go with the Christmas theme, I wanted to share some snowy pictures of my parents' house from Christmas 2008. We had just come back from Russia where there wasn't any snow, to a winter wonderland in Seattle!!

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