Friday, April 24, 2009

My worst Nightmare

Our master bedroom is huge! There's a lot of wasted space, but our guest room is tiny, so anything that can't fit in it goes to our bedroom. Cam's desk was too big to put in the guest room so it's living in our bedroom. I'm not really happy with that; in Russia his desk was in our room and it was in constant disarray and it was the first thing that you saw when you walked into the room. So now the saga continues and he keeps on bring home computers!!! A few days ago he convinced me to get a large flat-screen monitor and he told me it would be great for my graphic design projects. Yeah right! The first thing he does is plop it on his desk and use it as a second monitor for all his geeky IT things.

see his cheeky grin? He knows he's doing something bad.

But to right his wrong this morning he put together a bunch of pug pictures for me to wake up to. So when I looked at that huge monitor on his desk it had an adoring pug looking right back at me. Thanks hon, but you're still in the "dog house".

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