Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm in love with this bike... I mean trike!

Cam and I took a walk in the neighborhood to see an $850,000 (AUD) house that's for sale and, woooeee, it's nice. A little out of our price range, but really nice nonetheless. On our way back we stopped into Neco, a green living superstore with everything from showerheads to bicycles. I found a really cool tricycle made by Cargo Bike that has a cargo compartment in the front of it. The model that I looked at had dark wood for the cargo box and two seats. I can just imagine myself in a couple of years with a couple of kids going to the local farmer's market in that trike. It was amazingly easy to maneuver too! I'm putting it on my birthday wishlist (along with some other things).

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