Monday, July 13, 2009

this week I'm actually working

I can't legally work here in Australia - I'm still waiting on my residency visa (not very patiently); while I wait I'm trying to make a decision about starting a small business and opening up an online retail store with my wares. I'm researching small business in Australia, taxes, business plans, marketing, competition, wholesale suppliers, etc. But this week I'm taking a break from the "paperwork" and I'm going back to the drawing board and creating some designs of things that I would like to sell IF I start this business.

This week I'm working on graphics for pillows - here's a sneak peak. Here's what I do. I draw out the graphic on a regular piece of lined paper, then I tweak it to my liking, cut it out and if I end up wanting to keep it for a long time I'll transfer it to card-stock so the pattern lasts longer. I'll use these patterns to trace graphics onto fabric and then I'll iron on that graphic to a pillow or other project. Fun stuff!

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