Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My new Bike

My dear husband was tired of me complaining about how my butt hurt after our bike rides and how my gears wouldn't change properly so he finally got me a new bike! I love it. I got fitted for the bike (very important) - and I confirmed that I have freakishly long arms, and I test rode about 6 bikes. I finally narrowed it down to this sleek hybrid lightweight Apollo bike.
Now I'm looking for accessories - a basket and saddle bags (as if I don't have those already, if you know what I mean)
My absolute favorite is the lace basket (shown in green) - it's a bit pricey compared the rest of them. Now I have to decide if I go with lacy, vintage, or industrial/practical

Here are some options for saddle bags - picnic ready or everyday. What do you think?
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Jami Janelle said...

I really like the green basket! it is so totally you :)
and the picnic ready saddle bags are adorable... however... maybe not totally practical. The saddle bags I have (ha!) are made to fit a grocery bag in them. the real question is what are you going to be using the saddle bags for? When I go on long bike rides with friends it is in my saddle bags where the majority of everyones stuff is stored. whatever you decide I am sure it will look adorable :)

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