Friday, July 3, 2009

Native Australian Flowers

I went down to our local flower shop called Scents of Occasion - they are under new management and have changed things around a little including putting all sorts of flowers on display outside on the sidewalk. I had my wedding bouquet done here 2.5 years ago when we had our 'Australian wedding celebration'. Some native Australian flowers caught my eye and I got a couple bunches for the dining room table and the guest room. I do have to admit that the pink flower (below) is actually a South African native, but it is grown in the masses here in Australia, so they've adopted it as one of their own.

These are actually flowers from trees so the stems are quite tough. Tip! Flowers from trees have troubles soaking up water after they've been cut, so hit the end of the stem with a hammer a few times to break it up and it will soak up water a lot better.

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