Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make homemade bread... check

My husband forwarded me an article on how to make homemade bread in five minutes and I've been meaning to try it for a while. So yesterday I did. Honestly I don't understand why it's called the five minute bread recipe because in all the prep and bake time took 4 hours, but the advantage is that you make it in bulk and you can store the dough for up to 2 weeks so you can pull it out of the fridge and bake it up when you want to. Here are some pics from my afternoon tea today, completed with a dollop of lingon berry jam and a cup of green tea with jasmine.

And by the way, our house smells like a bakery... not bad.
get the recipe here.
Here's a teaser photo of tomorrow's post. I'll bet you can't guess what it is :o)

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Jami Janelle said...

i know! its a mustache pillow!