Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Decisions decisions

I'm trying to settle on a theme for our living room and the upholstery fabric for our chairs, ottoman, and sofas that we got for FREE! I've been in and out of the local fabrics stores several times and I'm just a little underwhelmed by the choices. I'm currently browsing the Finnish design fabric mecca called Marimekko and I'm loving their selection of upholstery fabrics. I've been to their flagship store in Helsinki Finland and it's absolutely wonderful. We bought a piece that was designed after a Russian church and made a wall-hanging from it.

Maybe you can help me make a decision. First, lets have a look at the chairs that I'm going to upholster. They are a Danish-like design.
Here's the idea - we already have some black and white paintings that we bought in Russia and we want to continue with the monochromatic color scheme and then add pops of color. So I'm gravitating toward black, white, gray and charcoal fabrics at the moment.

Marimekko upholstery fabric - Tuuli
Marimekko upholstery fabric - Praliini
here's a close-up of the design in Praliini
Marimekko upholstery fabric, Kivet

Cotton fabric, Kantaleen kutsu
(not for upholstery, but I could make some cushions out of it)

Visit the Marimekko website to browse all their other products and to find a store near you!


Jami Janelle said...

I like the big polka dots :)

Catherine said...

I think you should make them different... I like your fabric choices, but don't do them the same... choose 2 of the fabrics... and then add a third for scatter cushions. Love your style!