Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Art Canvas

We have a revolving art gallery in our house and like to move different pieces around to suit the mood. So this DIY Chalkboard Canvas fits right in. I use it in the guest room and write greetings to our guests, or I'll  draw seasonal flowers or write quotes that inspire me. And best of all this project is easy peasy!

All you need is:
Art canvas in any size (I bought mine for $7AUD at a local art store)
Spray Chalkboard Paint ($13AUD at local hardware store). Get the non-toxic kind
painting mask
well ventilated area

Lay down newspaper in a well ventilated area and put your canvas on it. Put on your painting mask, even if the paint is non-toxic it's good to keep that stuff out of your lungs. Spray an even and thin coat of chalkboard paint on the canvas, no drips! Let it dry and apply another thin even coat of chalkboard paint. Let it dry and just for fun apply another thin even coat of chalkboard paint. Leave it overnight to set and dry and you're ready with your Chalkboard canvas. Have fun!

all photos by me, Sonja Barrett


Moriah said...

Do you think you could do this with Diy Chalkboard Paint?

Sonja Barrett said...

Hi Moriah, this should work with DIY chalkboard paint, although I haven't tried it myself. Let me know if it works for you!