Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Christmas 2011 Inspiration

I know this might be hard to believe but Christmas is 15 weeks away! It looks like we'll have the in-laws at our place this year. We were hoping to have bought a house of our own by Christmas, but that's looking unlikely so we'll have another Christmas in the townhouse.

My husband and I both agree that Scandinavian Christmases are the best so we've opted not to celebrate like Americans or Australians, but to embrace my Norwegian heritage and do Christmas like the Scandinavians. This year I'm inspired by these photos, found via here.

Lots of gray, green, white, natural wood, and red
I've already got plans for making new fabric napkins (serviettes), napkin holders, and maybe some place mats and a table runner. Stay tuned to see the DIYs.

Have a look here to see the red and white theme I did for Christmas last year.

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