Wednesday, September 23, 2009

93 days until Christmas!

Last week on Australian TV a show started the 100 days until Christmas countdown. I really can't believe that we're only a few months away from the holiday season and I'm especially excited this year because it's my first Christmas in Australia.

This is going to be a recession buster holiday season and my husband and I have a strict budget of $30AUD for gifts for each other and I've already started my wishlist. Here's what's on it...

I can't decide which of these two prints I want more from My Folk Lover's etsy shop. I'm swooning over this Melbourne artist's moody prints. Maybe you can help me decide which one I should get - getting both will brake the bank.


Kayla said...
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Kayla said...

the first with the woman looking over her shoulder is startling - wonderful. this blog is always so fun, i'm a secret stalker, i definitely keep up with your fabulousness by checking up every once in a while. (WAS a secret stalker).

you make such beautiful things