Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Polaroid your Digital photos

I went to Cannon Beach Oregon over the weekend and dipped my feet into the cold Pacific Ocean. As I did this I thought of my husband who's on the other side of the Pacific Ocean right now.

Had this idea to make my digital photos look like Polaroids, turns out there's a website that will do that for you! Click here.

Here's the original

Here's the one that I doctored up with Picasa to make it look more like a Polaroid (I added the effects: warmify, film grain, and gradual tint), and then made it into a collage and chose the option that made it look like a Polaroid.

I previously tried this with a website that would allow you to make your photos look like Polaroids, but it only allowed you to keep the image for 24 hours, that's why I found another way


Shireen said...

Sonja, you are so cool and creative, I can hardly stand it! Great website. How's Seattle treating you? Give it a hug for me.

- fruNelia said...

I love to read your blog, Sonja!
You are very creative, and I envy the time you have to actually be creative...

I have re-launched my personal blog, in a new outfit. care for a look?

Greetings from Cornelia in Norway