Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Challenge

My sister and I watch Project Runway together, it's kind of our thing, and it inspired us to do challenge each other to a craft project with a time, budget, and material constraint. Sally will have a budget of $20 U.S. dollars and I will have a budget of $30 Australian dollars. We randomly opened two Domino magazines (Bye Domi!!) and happened to fall on a page where table settings were the themes. So we have decided that we'll make something for the dinner table; it could be napkins, chargers, center piece... whatev! We then had 5 minutes to flip through the magazines at hand and pick a theme - Sally chose twigs and polka-dots and I chose the colors Blue, White, and Pink. We have until mid March to complete our look and we have to use it in an upcoming dinner party. We'll take pictures of our fun along the way... stay tuned.

Here's my inspiration...
I love all the blues found in this fabric combo in Domino magazine.

And the pop of pink in this Teleflora arrangement
Let the games begin!

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