Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let me introduce myself...

... I'm Sonja. I'm pretty much obsessed with crafty shmafty things and I thoroughly enjoy reading all the home decor blogs that there are out there. I'm not even going to attempt to do what they do, but I'd like to make a tribute to people that are repurposing items and recycling different items to make their nest look a little nicer.

I currently live in St. Petersburg Russia, but I'm a native of Seattle WA. I'm moving to Australia in 6 months and I'd like to take some upholstery classes when I get there. I'm planning on setting up a small business and reupholster old pieces of furniture and use environmentally friendly materials as much as possible.

Oh yeah, I'm also interested in different cultures and like to pull different styles and characteristics together from different nationalities. This comes natural to me because I'm half Norwegian (my mom was born and raised in Norway), I'm married to an Australian, and I live in Russia, but I grew up in America.

(about half a mile from the shore on the frozen Finnish Gulf, St. Petersburg Russia)
(getting dressed to take out the trash)
(In Bergen Norway with my mom in 2005)


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