Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bort er godt men hjem er best (Away is good but Home is best)

For New Years 2008 we went to Norway to visit my family and to introduce my husband Cam to my Norwegian side of the fam. While there we stayed with one of my cousin Mette Line and her family. Mette Line works for an Interior Decorating outfitter called Festival. She is so darn creative when it comes to decorating and redecorating. The pictures below don't do her living room justice. The chandelier by the sofa actually has some of her necklaces hanging off of it for some added flair. She was showing it to us and then said "Ah, I've been looking for that necklace" and automatically put it on. Ten years ago when I was there the walls were painted a dark forest green and there was plaid and dark red everywhere, and today there are crisp cream walls and white everywhere. The Scandinavians have a knack for making things cozy, especially around Christmas. Every evening Mette Line would make us a lovely latte with their Nespresso machine and set out a tier tray full of homemade cookies and yummy Norwegian chocolates. Needless to say we didn't want to leave!

A nice cozy corner decked out with sheep skin pillows and throws. Do you see the hearts in the corner - they are homemade cookies attached to the ceiling with ribbons (just for Christmas decor).

Here's my honey Cam making some Skype calls to family back home in Australia. That chandelier over the table is amazing!

The nice fireplace. It looks 100% better with all the candles lit.
Another look at the living room.
Ha det! (see ya!)

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Sean and Sally said...

SO CUTE!! Craftiness definitely runs in our fam. Did you see the YOU-TUBE video that's on the Norwegian blog link that you have linked on your blog. Wool creatures music video. SO GREAT!!