Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nice buttons!

As you probably already know I love to recycle and reuse different items and make them into re-visioned works of art. So I made some little ornaments for the tree in the guest room from recycled cardstock and Juniper wood buttons I bought in Estonia. The cardstock came from a "fat quarters" of fabric that I bought and I've been saving them up for something useful.

I made a heart template and traced a heart onto each of the pieces of cardstock I had

I sewed a straight stitch around the perimeter of the heart with red thread

And hand-sewed the buttons to the cardstock heart. I sewed the buttons instead of gluing them on because after Christmas is over I want to reuse the buttons for something else. I can simply cut the thread and the buttons will come off easily

Then punched a hole with a hole-punch and thread a piece of yarn through the hole

Voila! Recycled loveliness

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