Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This morning when I was having breakfast with my husband I suddenly realized that today is Thanksgiving - it's not like I didn't know it was coming but it feels like it snuck up on me! It's my first Thanksgiving in Australia and we're going to fore go the traditional roast turkey and mashed potatoes and we're going to have friends over for a non-traditional feast. On the menu is: bbq roasted turkey sandwiches on Ciabatta, with rocket lettuce, cream cheese, and cranberry sauce. On the side is potato salad and for dessert orange and polenta cookies, lemon sorbet, and (I'm going to attempt to make) pumpkin cupcakes. Costco just opened here in Australia and we went down to check it out last week but I was sad when they didn't have pumpkin pie mix and cranberries! They did however accommodate for all the Americans living here and they had huge frozen turkeys (that's rare here).

I made some little fabric pumpkins to adorn the festive table. I got the how-to here. You can see other pumpkin ideas here and here.

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Jami Janelle said...

i love the little pumpkins! too cute :) i will be thinking of you and everyone else i am thankful for while i spend thanksgiving answering phones at my job :) your sandwiches sound amazing! hope to celebrate with you next year!! I think you should do the come for five weeks thing again!!!